HINDMAN, JAMES; MELISH, JOHN; and TANNER, H. S. Map of Chester County. Constructed by virtue of an Act of the Legislature of Pennsylvania by James Hindman. Engraved, 460×570 mm overall with original hand-color. Philadelphia, by H. S. Tanner. The map is conserved in archival condition.

First Edition and only 2nd known copy. Rare map of Pennsylvania’s Chester County drawn by John Hindman for John Melish’s large map of the State, pursuant to Section I of the Act passed by the Pennsylvania Legislature on March 19, 1816 to publish an official State map. Originally, pursuant to a contract between John Melish and the state, dated 27 September 1816, it was John Melish who was to prepare the map of Chester County, for the sum of $200. However, after first refusing to take over Melish’s contract in 1817, Hindman accepted and started the work on the map in 1818. He completed the map in December 1820 and received $200 from the state.

Sometime in 1822, before his death in late December, Melish prepared and sent this Hindman map of Chester County to Benjamin Tanner for engraving. In 2005, Harold Cramer, a collector of Pennsylvania maps and the author of a website for Historical Maps of Pennsylvania, located a copy of James Hindman’s map of Chester County, engraved by Benjamin Tanner and published by John Melish in 1822.

The copy here is the First Edition of Hindman’s map from Benjamin Tanner’s copperplate, published by Henry Schenk Tanner in 1822. As Cramer points out on his website “few of the county maps were ever engraved and published, probably due to Melish’s death in 1822.”

The 1822 Hindman map is conserved and in archival condition- See Post-Treatment Report by ACA Restoration- January 16, 2020.

Note: A Second edition engraved by Tanner in 1830 was sold by Swann Galleries in New York for $4,830 in December 2005- Sale 2060- Lot 108.

Offered at $4,500.