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We’re stocked up and ready to show you the best antique Main Line and Chester County maps – in our digital, online show!

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Malvern Maps has the largest selection of antique Main Line and Chester County maps, taken directly from original atlases. Our inventory includes high-quality, detailed township and borough maps, as well as historic Pennsylvania Railroad maps. Each original map is individually shrink-wrapped and handled with care.

Use the tabs above to select the type of antique map you would like to see. The Witmers, Breous, 1908 PA Railroad, and 1912-1950 PA Railroad maps are all historic originals, and can be ordered by contacting us or visiting Buckwalter Galleries in Malvern, PA. Our Fine Reproductions are available for online purchase. We also have a Private Stock of framed 18th and 19th century originals which can be viewed and ordered by request.

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Raised in Chester County near historic Valley Forge, David Mackey has resided in Chesterbrook, Tredyffrin Township since returning to the area in 1993. After stumbling on an 1881 PA Railroad map of Berwyn at the Devon Horse Show in 1998, David has been collecting antique maps and sharing his passion ever since.